Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be extremely frightening, and can range from feelings of fear, hot or cold sweating, increased heart rate, churning of the stomach and in severe cases pains in the heart, which often make the sufferer feel as though they are about to have a heart attack. Our anxiety levels can raise gradually over days, weeks, months, years even – and a panic attack is when you can no longer cope with the levels of anxiety so our body goes in to the fight, flight or freeze response. It is therefore very important to address your levels of anxiety at this point as unless they are reduced panic attacks can reoccur simply by association with a particular situation, sensation like smell, touch or a place often associated with where the first one happened. This acts as a trigger for the brain to go into the same panic response. Panic Attacks can be debilitating, and can often lead people’s lives to become more insular due to wanting to avoid these situation. This of course in extreme, can lead to conditions such as agoraphobia. Hypnotherapy tackles the anxiety levels so that we can begin to enable you to cope better and regain control.

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