Weight Control & Brain Body Fit

We are all born with the primitive template to immediately search for food and nourish ourselves with it. You can see this when any baby animals are born, it is not long before they are in position for feeding to take place.

We have only been living in civilized times where food is abundant for a very small amount of time on the evolutionary timeline, and in primitive times our feeding template would have been to feast in times of plenty so that we were better prepared to cope with the hard times of famine. A bit like what we see mammals like bears doing before hibernation.

Now you can begin to see the potential problems as well as dangers for a proportion of us in the modern Western World regarding weight control. Because food is plentiful and incredibly available to us 24 hours a day, and there are also very cheap foods available which do not necessarily have a good nutritional content, such as a majority of fast foods. So it is no wonder that our original food template that was there to help us, can get in a bit of a muddle and begin to encourage over eating.

There is also great emotion and conditioning around food set up right from childhood and we can all fall into unhealthy patterns of eating whether it is too much or too little especially around times that we need comfort. Being in a stressed state can also be a contributing factor to weight issues, so within the hypnotherapy session – we will be looking at the wider picture to help you reduce stresses and anxieties and take that needed intellectual control. Under hypnosis we aim to get your subconscious mind to understand the sensible ways to eat and to help change the unhelpful patterns which have caused you to lose control. The wonderful thing is when you begin gaining control in one area it spreads out into all other areas of your life.

Why not also have a look at the Brain Body Fit experience, created by Viv with you in mind… Want to get the balance right? Start thinking, eating and moving better? Click here to see how these courses could help you.BBFtransparent

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