I’m a very busy businessman and for me, public speaking has long been a cause of considerable anxiety. The stress in the lead up to a speaking event would be overwhelming and would cause panic attacks. This is not helpful in a fast paced business environment. Determined to tackle this, I have tried toastmasters and various other courses in the hope that I could control the stress and anxiety. However, none of these produced the results I was searching for.

I met Viv, whose wonderful calm and positive nature filled me with confidence in her ability to help. She immediately took a different approach to that of anyone I had seen in the past. This was surprisingly powerful and over the course of 9 sessions has completely transformed my approach to public speaking.

I still feel a twinge of nerves before I speak, but this is excited energy, over which I have full control. I would have no hesitation in recommending Viv to anyone in my situation.

Julian, Bath

I had been wanting to give up smoking for ages but always made up excuses for not doing it, like work pressures, or other things getting in the way. Then it all seemed to get a bit serious, I started experiencing chest pains. I am a fit person, who enjoys cycling and running and am in my 40’s so it was really time to take action. Up visiting some friends in Wiltshire a friend of mine (sick of hearing me talk about quitting) told me to put my money where my mouth was and book in with the hypnotherapist that had helped him. Viv taught me in the session that it was not about just giving up it was about stopping for good. Viv explained how my mind was working and why I was not being able to tip the balance. Her teaching in the session about the conflicting minds in my brain, seemed to flick the switch that I needed. Finally I could understand who was in control of this habit, and quite frankly, I was not about to be ruled by a 6 year old!
I haven’t looked back and have now been free from that disgusting habit for over a year now. (I can say that now I’m an ex-smoker, Thanks loads Viv)


Ian, Weymouth

Working with Viv has been transformational; her enthusiasm, empathy and professional approach has enabled me to re-assess, re-evaluate and re-adjust my approach both to my creative work and to my life in general.

I am so grateful I have been able to take advantage of this therapy which works subtly on many different levels. Thank you Viv.

Alison, Bath

I’ve been having sessions for about 6 weeks, and I can honestly say that already I am noticing positive differences in my life.

I am seeing Viv to help with my general anxiety and panic attacks, she is so positive and encouraging and this has helped keep me focused on my goal of learning to live without anxiety. I find relaxing very difficult, but by using the relaxation CD before I go to sleep, I have found I fall asleep quickly, and don’t feel tired throughout the day, this in turn has had an effect on my diet as I no longer feel the need to snack from tiredness so that’s an added bonus!

I’m enjoying my hobbies again which when I’m anxious I don’t feel able to do. My anxiety has decreased and I am learning to control any panics I have. I feel so much more in control of my mind which in turn stops my body over reacting. Viv has explained how my mind is causing me to perpetuate problems and without really noticing she has encouraged me to look for the positives in any situation and break the cycle of anxiety. I’m really enjoying the sessions, it’s lovely to just be quiet, relax and drift off, and I’m really pleased with the progress I’m making, thank you so much Viv!

Gemma, Bath

I was stuck in my own head and dwelling on a succession of negative events and I suppose feeling a little sorry for myself, looking for excuses to carry on smoking rather than reasons to quit which I really wanted to beat once and for all, and even though I knew that was ridiculous I just felt I was in this downward spiral of emotions which made me feel even more frustrated. Something needed to change.

I was introduced to Viv’s hypnotherapy and after the very first session I felt more optimistic about things almost straight away.  I was given insight in to the complexity of how a brain works and how you can forge negative patterns in your head by over thinking things, and I was encouraged by the fact those thoughts can be replaced with positive ones so your brain becomes re-tuned, so to speak.

After a handful of sessions I could really feel that downward spiral of emotions coming to a halt and then slowly rise upwards in to a more positive place. I stopped smoking, started eating better, and really found myself gathering momentum in that other direction.

The whole process has permanently changed me to a degree I’d say. I can see when I am being negative now and I try and quickly respond to that by mentally giving myself a slap around the face if needed to get back on track.  All in all I can’t recommend Viv’s expertise enough. She’s calm, relaxed and appears to enjoy the process and the success it brings as much if not more than the person she’s helping.

Nathan, Bath

Before seeing Viv for hypnotherapy I would continuously worry about anything and everything to the point where I could hardly sleep and it seemed to be getting worse as I got older.

After beginning a course of hypnotherapy I found the problem wasn’t just me worrying it was the fact that I avoided dealing with lots of situations and instead would put them off and worry about the fact that I’ve not dealt with them. To say having treatment was life changing sounds far fetched but it really was for me. Since having the hypnotherapy I’m now so much more confident, I don’t get stressed, or worry about things, If I’m able to deal with them I will and if I can’t I don’t let them keep me awake at night and I’m sleeping through. I’m so much more happier now even my friends have noticed the change in me.

I can’t believe more people don’t use hypnotherapy and I’d really recommend it.


Steve, Bath

Forget all those stereotypes of hypnosis you may have seen on television – and no, Viv doesn’t make you eat lemons thinking they are apples in front of a live audience!I have suffered from intermittent depression for years. I’ve read books, taken tablets, had counselling and along the way picked up tools to help me cope. But fed up of just ‘coping’ and hitting an all time low, I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. With an open mind I knew from the first meeting that Viv was someone I could really trust.

I still don’t know why it works but it just does with amazing results. I embraced the process fully and really worked hard knowing that I needed to give this my best shot. I have finished my course with Viv and now after 12 sessions I am a confident, happy person; with a quieter mind who is now dealing with stressful situations in a calm, clear manner. It felt just as if my own personality “re set button” had been pressed at around week 9 and I regained my self worth, a true vision of who I am and appreciation for my life and family.

Thank you Viv!


Rod, Bath

One day whilst on Twitter I spotted a tweet from a lady called Viv Kenchington. She was a reflexologist near me who was looking for people to have free solution-focused hypnotherapy sessions whilst she was training. I tweeted her and asked if it worked for PND (Post Natal Depression) and the response ‘Yes!’ was immediate. We arranged a date for the following week to meet.

As soon as I met Viv I felt relaxed, she has a wonderful calm and friendly manner. Keen to find out why I was interested in hypnotherapy I briefly explained my situation. I was reassured that this type of hypnotherapy wasn’t anything like the kind you see on the television and that I wouldn’t suddenly start milking cows when I heard a bell ring. Viv was wonderfully clear in her detailed explanation of how the brain works, and how it functions when a person has anxiety and depression. The penny dropped there and then for me and it all made perfect sense. I couldn’t wait to get started, our sessions were to be an hour long so not least the thought of lying down with my eyes closed and no small people demanding things from me was incentive enough! For the next 8 weeks I visited Viv for regular hypnotherapy sessions. They were amazing. Peaceful. Relaxing. And yet strangely exhausting, I always slept extremely well after a session. Viv’s voice was soothing and even now if I have trouble sleeping I ‘hear’ her in my head and am instantly more at peace. She’d ask me what had been good about my week, and then asked questions so that I would come up with solutions on how to make it better. Her enthusiasm and passion for helping people is infectious, she would listen to me intently and work so hard to help.

My sessions have stopped now, but I know I can always go back if ever I need to. I credit Viv as being a huge part of my recovery. Whilst seeing her I stopped taking the tablets, and miraculously so far have not needed them again. She saved me. She helped me clear my brain of thoughts it didn’t need, creating space to be more creative (I started my blog whilst seeing her!) Hypnotherapy is amazing when you find someone who is passionate about it and who you can trust and feel comfortable with, and I felt that with Viv.

Jen, Bath

I have seen Viv for 10 sessions of hypnotherapy I have found this has improved my confidence and outlook in life making me feel more confident.  I find Viv very relaxing to be with and very professional in her manner I highly recommend her to anyone

Martin, Marshfield Nr. Bath

Tim came to me with a phobia of flying which had meant that he didn’t go on foreign holidays anymore, but after finally taking the plunge and booking a short break away to New York City, he decided to give hypnotherapy a try as the pending flight was soon to be upon him.  I received this message a week after he returned home from his trip to the US…

‘Just to let you know that the flights went really well, definitely a lot better than before, not so nervous and now looking forward to my next trip to Amsterdam at the end of the month’.


Tim, Corsham

This was a lovely email I received this week (June 2017), from a client I saw almost two years ago…
“Hi Viv
I feel drawn to contact you because today I did my first presentation post university (I know, it’s been a while), to all the clinical staff at work (small audience of around 10 colleagues) and I blinking smashed it!  I felt nervous, but normal nerve levels.  No sweating, no palpitations, no black vision …  I even did a bit of ad lib around my notes.
I’m one very happy nurse this evening.  Thanks so much.
All the best, Kirsty.”

Kirsty, Bath


Kirsty, Bath

I hadn’t told Viv about the Psoriasis that I had on my arms and legs when I went to see Viv to get help with general anxieties, but after 4 sessions I couldn’t believe it, it was clearing up! I always thought that my stress levels contributed to the problem and now I know this to be true as when my anxiety was reducing so did my skin condition. Thanks again Viv.


David, Bath

Dear Viv, I just wanted to send a little card to say thank you for all your help over the last six months. You’ve made a huge difference to my life, I’m quite astounded by how differently I think now. I will remember what you have taught me for the rest of my life. Wishing you all the best.

Helen, Bradford on Avon

Helen, Bradford on Avon

I have recently started seeing Viv for hypnotherapy. I am a very busy mum of 3 small children and was finding that I was so stressed and busy that I was starting to lose my fun factor.

Viv has a wonderful way of explaining why we feel stressed and how we can learn to enjoy and live more in the now/ for today. I am really starting to change how I think and feel and not only am I feeling the benefit of these changes but so is my husband and children. The sessions have a powerful and immediate effect. I left feeling clearer and ready for anything. The hypnosis is very relaxing and Viv is always very encouraging. I trust her totally and feel very comfortable during sessions.

I wondered whether hypnosis could help with general day to day stress and anxiety, presuming it was mainly a therapy for phobias but I am hooked. I would have no hesitation in recommending hypnotherapy with Viv…in fact I have already done so. It is life changing. I cannot thank Viv enough for helping me chill out and enjoy parenthood.

Annie, Bath

Annie, Bath

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